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What's New at AFSCME 132
Message from OCC Spanish
Un mensaje a proveedores de parte de la Oficina de Cuidado Infantil referente a niños en edad preescolar de jardín (kindergarten) en hogares de cuidado infantil certificados: Como muchos de ustedes saben, la definición de un niño en edad preescolar de jardín se ha cambiado en las normas revisadas de cuidado infantil familiar registrado. Read More...
Message from OCC
A message to providers from the Office of Child Care about kindergarten age children in certified family child care homes: As many of you know, the definition of a kindergarten age child was changed in the revised registered family child care rules. Under the revised RF rules, kindergarten aged children are no longer considered  preschool age children. Read More...
More calls are Needed for ERDC

HB 2015 Update - HB 2015 is moving and includes the funding for rate increases, student hours, exit eligibility increasing to 250% of FPL, and one year eligibility for families.

Where it falls short is providing money to make any significant decreases in the waitlist, about 800 additional families. As of Wednesday, the waitlist was 3,821 families. We now need to start asking our legislators to please advocate for more funding in the "Christmas Tree Bill" (this is an end of session bill where any leftover money is designated.) Let them know that each additional $5 million will move 250 more families off of the waitlist.

Please encourage other providers and parents to call or email their legislators. Find them here:…/leg-districts.html

Make calls for ERDC

PHONE CALLS, PLEASE — Rippeteau is urging members of Local 132 (Child Care Providers) and others to contact legislators regarding HB 2015, the expansion of the state’s employment-related day care.

“I know lots of people have called, and I appreciate that,” said Rippeteau. “But if you haven’t already called, or e-mailed, we could use a push right now.”

With HB 2015, AFSCME has been pushing to improve ERDC in two ways. One, to increase the subsidy rates paid via ERDC. Two, to increase the number of families that receive ERDC benefits.

“We’re asking for $62 million for full funding, which is an important distinction,” said Rippeteau. “There are currently 7,800 families receiving ERDC support, and another 3,400 on the waiting list. I’ve been hearing that there will be money for increased rates, but no money for increasing the number of eligible families. So the message to legislators is that we need to do both.”

There is always contact information for all legislators on the Oregon Legislature tab of the Council 75 website. You can also find a link there that will identify your legislators based on your home address if you are not sure whom to contact.
Download: HB 2015 Action Alert.pdf
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