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    CV Template for Programs (Almost 1 Pager)

    Here it is. Print using "legal paper" and it will fit on 1 page otherwise (there is just a little bit on the back side). Make sure you personalize it (take out my name please) and make sure it fits what you are doing.
    Download: 2020 COVID Sept 1 State Required Plan .docx

    Check out the DUNS and EIDL Videos!

    Check out this short video (it's a fast and dirty walk through of how to first search to find out if you have a DUNS number -- if you have one, you will get an email within a few minutes -- and then either update (if needed) or if you don't have one you can start a new one). 88 Our short video: https://recordings.join.

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  • Contract Wins!!!
    Updated On: Jun 17, 2017

    Contract Wins!!!

    Dear Local 132 Member,

    We are happy to let you know we have completed the bargaining process for our fourth contract; it took many sessions over the last six months and ended with a thirteen hour session on June 29th. Enclosed with this letter you will find a summary of our Tentative Agreement, the ballot, a secrecy envelope and a return envelope. The next step is for you, the members, to vote on this contract. Please review the summary and mail your ballot so it reaches the Salem office by July 22, 2013. The full contract will be on-line once it is ratified.

    Top 5 Contract Wins

    1. The most exciting item in the contract is we were able to negotiate a rate increase of over $5,300,000 for subsidies. You will be paid at the 75th percentile of the 2012 Market Price Study (MPS). Currently you are paid around the 40th to 55th percentile of the 2006 MPS. The rate increase is based on the MPS that is conducted by the Child Care Resource and Referrals. DHS is also adding 500 families so they can carry a case load of up to 9000 families. Which means more families will have state assistance to pay for child care.

    2.Market Price Study (MPS) – We will work with the state to try to make sure the next survey is accurate. This is important for the next contract, so we can get the increase you deserve in two years. Make sure to respond to the next MPS.

    3. We will work with the state to research how to implement a program so providers who are receiving Tier 2 reimbursement for the Child and Adult Care Food Program, will be paid the Tier 1 reimbursement rate. Hopefully we can work out all of the details so we can bargain for the dollars to fund this program in the next contract.

    4. In January 2014 you will have the option to add a rebuttal to the licensing complaint website.

    5. Technical assistance, monitoring and emergencies. You have the opportunity to ask for technical assistance and we will be working with the state to develop a plan for emergency exceptions. We will also work with the state family child care emergency preparedness.

    Members watch for your ballot and return it right away.

    We will post the rate chart as soon as it is available.

    In Solidarity,

    Bargaining Team Members

    Autumn David, Shanna Aldis, Shelly Campbell, Enid Farr, Becky Goodman, Renee Holmes, Penelope Jones-Vaughn, Sue Mackey, Donna Schindler, Shelby Shaw, Sabi Velasco, Gaila Wold-Adams, Staff Gloria Gonzalez and Faye Zepeda


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