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    CV Template for Programs (Almost 1 Pager)

    Here it is. Print using "legal paper" and it will fit on 1 page otherwise (there is just a little bit on the back side). Make sure you personalize it (take out my name please) and make sure it fits what you are doing.
    Download: 2020 COVID Sept 1 State Required Plan .docx

    Check out the DUNS and EIDL Videos!

    Check out this short video (it's a fast and dirty walk through of how to first search to find out if you have a DUNS number -- if you have one, you will get an email within a few minutes -- and then either update (if needed) or if you don't have one you can start a new one). 88 Our short video: https://recordings.join.

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  • Diversity: Best Practices in FCC Set 3, CKC DIV, 6 hrs
    Jul 15, 2020

    Diversity: Best Practices in Family Child Care

    Set 3, CKC: Diversity, 6 hours

    Step 1: Download the handouts/assignments below.

    Step 2: Watch the videos in order (for each video simply click on the "Session")

    Step 3: Respond to the questions asked in each session and then complete the assignments.

    Step 4: Email everything to anneliese.sheahan@gmail.com

    Session 1: Intro and Reflective Activity (Show what you know)

    Turn in: answers to questions asked during class AND the reflective activity (photo of your Dominoes put together in a circle)

    Session 2: Implicit Bias, Micro-Aggressions and FCC 

    Turn in: answers to questions asked during class AND the Social Justice Experiment AND response to the video (1st on top from pdf)


    Social Justice Experiment:

    You will also want to pick one of the following roles for a little activity later in the class: (you can make up gender, age and other characteristics unless specified already)
    • single mom who is an EMT
    • covering drug addict in their 40s, no kids
    • single dad active military deployed stateside
    • homeless 20-something, no kids
    • CEO Fortune 500 company with 2 teenagers, married but separated
    • bank manager with 3 children and 1 on the way
    • college tri-athlete, single (sort of), no kids, African American
    • Wall Street power broker single dad
    • farmer (owns family farm) with 3 kids
    • CPS worker, 1 child, married, 30s
    • CPS worker, no children, not married, 24 years old
    • ex-con, single, 1 child (10 years old) living in half-way house, out of prison for 2 wks 
    • undocumented worker, trapped in US (can't get home and can't get new VISA)
    • elderly shut in, female, single, no children
    • disabled male, 52, cognitive challenge, moderate functioning (no drivers license) no children, significant other 
    • LGBTQ white female circuit court judge, married, 1 child elementary school
    • High School senior (this coming year) single but committed relationship, pregnant (or girlfriend is pregnant), works at McDonalds
    Use a piece of paper to map your "character's steps" -- do they get ahead or do they fall behind and how far ahead or how far behind? Do they have privilege and power?? ( I am a bit OCD so I use graph paper -- but use whatever you have on hand.)  
    Life Scenarios/Milestones (if you missed some in the video or you prefer you can use these)
    1. I can easily receive and use ballots to successfully vote in elections so that I help elect those who are representative of me (someone like me who represents my issues, culture values and beliefs).
    2. I always have my basic needs met so that I can work on my career and the American Dream (shelter stable, food stable, safe, clothed etc).
    3. I graduated (or will graduate) High School and/or earn(ed) a GED.
    4. I provide (will provide) a safe and secure home with attachment parenting for children I am responsible for.
    5.  I can successfully utilize the better shelters and can find free nutritious meals when needed. 
    6. I successfully access public assistance and navigate the system -- even use it to my benefit (or my children's benefit). 
    7. I can access trade or schooling to advance my career choice.
    8. I have a support network to help me when life throws me a curve ball (or 3).
    9. I can access and afford prenatal care for myself or my partner.
    10. My friends/coworkers support my success and help me grow and achieve a better life.
    11. I view law enforcement as friendly and trustworthy -- I have a generally good view of law enforcement. 
    12. My world is safe.
    13. My job is stable and secure.
    14. I have transportation to get where I need to go.
    Try to think from all angles and really consider each of these for your character. Do you discover any implicit bias you have for or against your character? Any surprise reactions/reflections?
    When you are all finished.... did you take for granted that this character has an easy life? Did you take for granted that this character has a life that is "all bad?" Consider this: Is it possible that the individual could have more going for them (or less going for them) than you gave them credit for? Send me a photo and reflections/responses including the questions I asked in the video.

    Session 3: Social Justice and Human Rights Approach in FCC practices

    Turn in: answers to questions asked in class AND Inventory with reflection answers AND Brick Activity

    Session 4: Strategies and Tools

    racial justice domino game.pdf
    bricks for wall activity (1).pdf
    diversity best practices in fcc.pdf
    Equity Audit COMMUNITY Audit.pdf
    Including Children with Special Need- Are You and Your Childcare Program Ready Section C Objective 3 Letter A. b.pdf
    anti-bias inventory HS teachers guide-MOC.pdf
    2020 Diversity -- Social Justice Experiment example for home study Homeless teenager.pdf
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